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Hotel Spa Porto Gaia

Retreat Yourself

Beneath Porto, lies the evidence of an empire. Long gone but leaving a legacy across the continent that is felt to this day. Lovers of good wine, good living and definitely good bathing.

Their rituals have reawakened, as a destination spa and swimming pool with ancient origins, reimagined for today.

  • Opening Hours 10am – 8pm
  • A pre-booking is required to access all services and facilities.

Spa like the ancients

Revitalise, recharge and re energise in 5* surroundings as you pamper yourself Ancient Roman-style, surrounded by excavated artefacts that reach across history to these spa-goers of yesteryear. Tranquility Lounge. Semi-heated Pool. Sauna.

An exclusive experience to The Rebello. Go further into relaxation.

Massage treatment Wellness Spa Porto

Gym like the gods
(or don't)

Whatever your workout or wellness goals, Olympic or distinctly human, you’re welcome in our gym facilities to do your thing.

  • Open 24/7 (pre-booking required)
  • Hi-Tech Equipment
  • Pre-designed Workout Routines
  • Personal Training Available (pre-booking required)

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  1. The best rates. Always. Guaranteed.
  2. Breakfast included, starting every day the right way.
  3. Discounts for drinking, dining, signature spa treatments & future stays.
  4. The holy grail of late check-outs and early-check ins. Subject to availability.

With perks this perfect, why book anywhere else?